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Live this life...

“W I L D A W A K E N I N G”
Creative Co-Ed Expedition
June 18 – 28, 2020


Join visual artist Erin Elizabeth and her team of experts, on a life-changing safari to explore the incredible landscapes of Tanzania through creative expression, yoga, service, tribal immersion, and exhilarating adventure.

This co-ed expedition is an opportunity to awaken the spirit through nature and art, to feel life as raw and pure, and to give your heart a wild joyride of transformation.


We’re elated to offer you this unique, expansive experience.

Awaken to the African sunrise with coffee by the fire and a refreshing yoga class, then jump in your guided safari truck for a wild tour of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

You’ll spend the afternoons painting outside, guided by EE. After creating your art, and relaxing too, enjoy freshly catered cuisine by the fire and under the night sky with the group.

You’ll gather under the new moon and be adorned by the Milky Way. You’ll meet and work with men and women from the Maasai and Hadza tribes and learn about their art, their life, and create with them.

You’ll be part of intimate tribal gatherings, connect with the land, the people, yourself, and each other. You’ll give the gift of art to a local orphanage and learn the power of a smile.

You will discover your impact of nature and art both inward and outward.

On this expedition you will:

-Be exhilarated by nature and its healing power

-Paint your art in a different landscape that will blow your mind

-Explore the traditions of the Maasai and Hadza tribe

-Discover the homeland of Africa and be transfixed by its beauty

-Care for your body, your spirit through yoga and fresh cuisine

-Meet and support local men and women and learn their creative power

-Open your heart to the people, give back to the children through art

-Make a positive difference in yourself and others

-Learn the Swahili language while we’re at it!

-Step out of the everyday to expand your reality that your dreams can come true

“…Africa was the beginning of a new journey for me. I discovered that everything I will ever need is inside of me already. I am open to life in a whole new way. Thank you for being brave and offering this journey to the world…”
– Lyndel, 2018 Wild Awakening Expedition 

5 Pillars of Experience



Erin is the founder of Art Alchemy®, a creative practice to get out of your head and into your heart through abstract painting.

Everyone is different, and you deserve the space to be you. Erin will teach you new techniques, using elements from the earth you would never imagine painting with. Art is everywhere. Be inspired and see what your heart creates! You may be surprised what you discover.

You’ll receive a large journal to write and paint in to document your trip.

All painting supplies included.

No painting experience necessary.


Erin is a certified hatha yoga teacher with ten years of experience, teaching yoga all over the world, from Morocco, Colombia, to Thailand.

She will also incorporate free movement, meditation, and some tribal dance moves to get your heart fired up.

No yoga experience required.


We are very lucky to partner with Dorobo Safaris, who has decades of experience in Tanzania, who will show us the most breathtaking landscapes in the country…and all the animals.

They will be taking care of us as our guides, our chefs, our protectors in the wild, along with the tribes. They are our brothers in this adventure.


You will spend the day at Olasiti Children’s Foundation, paint with the kids, and learn about all the good work this organization is doing to make a difference.

Hand deliver your art donations, and get a tour of the center from our guides, Shelly and Zenan, who started the center over 15 years ago. Olasiti is a small village outside of Arusha. The Orphan Center houses children full time, and also supports school scholarships and other projects.


Get ready for the real deal cultural immersion with the Maasai and Hadza tribes.

Explore the daily life, rituals, art, and culture. You will learn an incredible amount of wisdom from their traditions. You will also learn a lot about yourself too.


“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the experience of Tanzania with you and because of you both. Physically I am back here but a piece of my heart and spirit have been forever transformed with lessons of appreciation, a richness, nothing to do with the usual attention to commodities, and a pleasure for the simple features of our humanity and the natural world…”
-Taruna, 2018 Wild Awakening Expedition

“Wild Awakening is a must do. Erin Elizabeth warmly rounds out majestic safari with morning yoga and reflective painting afternoons. So many beautiful animals, meaningful visit to precious children at Olasiti Orphan Center, rich experience dancing and beading with the Maasai, great food, scenic accommodations, and knowledgeable guides create memories to treasure. This trip that will ignite your connection to the world around you. Wonderful in every way from start to finish!”
-Suzy, 2018 Wild Awakening Expedition


10 nights of adventure…

June 18 – Day 1
Arrive at JRO airport. (Kilimanjaro International Airport)
Head to the hot springs for a welcoming dip into Africa with water from Mount Kilimanjaro.
Drive to Katambuga Lodge in the hills over-looking Mt. Meru and get acquainted.

June 19 – Day 2
Morning yoga at Dorobo Safaris headquarters with Lisa, breakfast.
Full day at the Olasiti Children’s Foundation to meet the kids, be guided by Shelly and OOC director, Zenan to learn more about their vision, their work. Here you will give your art donation to the center!
Create art with the kids, dance, play, and get ready to be loved.
Walking tour of Olasiti Sacred Tree guided by Zenan.
Wine under the moon sharing Tanzanian history by Zenan.
Night and dinner back at Katambuga Lodge.

June 20 – Day 3
Morning yoga on the roof overlooking Mount Meru, breakfast.
After breakfast travel into Yaeda Valley.
Arrive in the afternoon to private campsite.
Late afternoon painting with the sunset. First painting session learning abstract techniques.
Night by the fire for full moon ceremony, guided by EE.

June 21 – Day 4 (new moon)
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Full day for activities around the area with the Hadza tribe.
Free time to relax, paint, journal.
Night by the fire to relax, share your discoveries, enjoy.

June 22 – Day 5
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Travel into Ngorongoro Crater and settle into Dorobo campsite.
Afternoon painting.
Night by the fire.

June 23 – Day 6
Early game drive into Ngorongoro Crater.
Enjoy some of the highest diversity and density of African wildlife in Africa.
Afternoon painting or yoga.
Night by the fire to relax and enjoy.

June 24 – Day 7
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Drive to Tarangire National Park with game drive.
Night at the lush Tarangire Safari Lodge with unforgettable views of the wild.

June 25 – Day 8
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Game drive out of Tarangire National Park, and head to Maasailand for a cultural immersion with the Maasai tribe.
Stop at the Maasai market to pick out your kangas and shukas.
Arrive in the afternoon to a private campsite amongst a rock outcroppings with incredible views of rolling vistas and savannah landscapes.
Afternoon painting.
Night by the fire to relax and enjoy.

June 26 – Day 9
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Morning trek with the Maasai.
Early afternoon drive to the village to meet with Maasai women to learn about beading and their art.
Learn from the Maasai men how they build their unique homes.
Participate in a private dance ceremony with the Maasai.
Arrive back at the campsite for a traditional meal with the Maasai.
Night by the fire.

June 27 – Day 10
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Drive to the beautifully intimate Meru House for a night of relaxation and integration.
Night by the fire and closing ceremony with all our art.

June 28 – Day 11
Morning yoga, breakfast.
Drive our way back to Arusha for an evening flight back home.

Your Expedition includes:

-10 night guided safari (pretty much just fly there, and we take care of the rest)
-Transportation to and from JRO airport
-Accommodation (2 per tent/room, or single tent/room for extra charge)
-Yoga daily
-Painting daily, guided by EE
-All painting supplies, including a canvas journal
-New moon ceremony guided by EE
-All meals, including fresh African cuisine when camp side!
-Guided visit to Olasiti Children’s Foundation and get creative with the kids
-Private Maasai and Hadza tribal ceremonies
-All entry fees into the national parks
-Education of Tanzania by our experienced local guides

Your Expedition does not include:

-Flights to Arusha, Tanzania (JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport)
-Tanzanian visa fee ($100 for US citizens)
Visas are available upon arrival to Tanzania. A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond visa issuance and/or date of entry, and at least one blank visa page is required. (get your passport now if you don’t have one yet!)
-Additional tips for your guides
-Bar tab at lodges
-Travel vaccines (please consult with CDC website and your doctor/hospital travel nurse for more info.)

Your Guides

A unique synergy of art, philanthropy, advocacy, friendship, and wildlife exploration…

ERIN ELIZABETH – your visual artist, certified yoga teacher, and art alchemist. She’ll guide you through creative experiences in the most beautiful places on the planet.

SHELLY WOLFE – the co-founder and volunteer for “Friends of Tanzanian Orphans” who has been to Tanzania numerous times since 2005, and is passionate about philanthropy and making a difference. She’ll introduce you to children, and share her powerful experience in creating change.

DOROBO SAFARIS – friend, advocate, trustworthy… Dorobo’s real niche is providing a source experience that connects with local people who are close to the land. What this entails is long-term partnerships with local communities that are fair and transparent and allows for structured but un-staged encounters. The areas have a wilderness character so that you have the privilege of learning about wildlife, nature, and the land through a synergy of traditional and scientific knowledge. And they’ll show you all the safari wildlife you can possibly imagine…up close and personal.

ZENAN GASPAR MWACHA – the director of Olasiti Children’s Foundation, who will give you an in-depth experience of his good work, changing the lives of hundreds of children.

Your Investment

With gratitude…

$5,725 per person – paid in full
$5,975 per person – 2 payments of $2,987.50

Includes $1,555 non-refundable deposit.
All rooms/tents are double accommodation.
Portion of sale is donated to Olasiti Orphan Center.
$500 extra fee for single accommodation below.
Click the link below to sign up. Welcome to Africa!

Private room/tent is a $500 extra charge.

Once we receive your payment we’ll be in touch with you about final payments if needed, and all those details of what to bring and how to prepare for your adventure. We will also get together a few times as a group to prepare for the trip.

-Co-ed retreat
-Must be age 18+
-Only 10 spots – private safari
-Shared occupancy, or single accommodation with extra fee
-No painting or yoga experience required
-This retreat is adventurous with outdoor tent sleeping, hiking, exploring among the wild.
-Be prepared to be one with nature.
-The roads are very bumpy and we can be in the safari truck for several hours at a time.
-Bring a small donation that’s art related to give to Olasiti Orphans Center
-Suggested packing list will be provided
-Safari schedule subject to change based on weather or route improvements

If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, then we’d be happy to refund your payment minus your $1,555 deposit fee. If we cannot find a replacement, you will not be refunded. You’re welcome to give your spot to a friend or family member to enjoy. Thank you.


We’re here to help.

“Africa was a game changer for me. It taught me that life is infinite. It showed me how big life can be, that my dreams are possible is this massive space of beauty and resilience, challenges and reality. Africa woke me up. It was after this trip in 2008 that I then traveled the world to learn more about myself and how others live. I was captivated by Tanzania. The red earth, the walks in the jungle, the safari rides in the truck as the ultimate explorer, the joy from children when you take their picture, the stories of strength from the families…life is awake to it all.” –EE

Thank you! We look forward to the journey with you.