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Follow your curiosity….

How does one truly heal? Is it time? Is it community? Is it sharing? Is it gratitude and forgiveness? Is it travel? Is it changing your story? Is it positive attitude and staying present? Is it creative expression? Is it a mix of all the above and more? I keep hearing stories of growth, of […]


  I took a few days off the grid, in an empty house, no social media, no phone, no plans…just paint and create. I discovered in the process how distracted I am from what truly is asking for attention. I didn’t paint much…I rather just got reintroduced to myself with no walls, and a head […]

Supporting Police Officers through ART

What a fun morning… Art Alchemy gives space and freedom to express, to let go, to reconnect with what’s true for you…and to have some fun too. Talking with SPD Chief, Eric Jones, before this program started, he said officers feel less guarded to share what they go through, that it’s becoming less taboo to just […]

Time is a funny thing…

Time is a funny thing. We may feel like there’s not enough, too much…or wish we could go back or jump ahead to what we desire so much in our hearts. As much as I want to dive in on all aspects of my life, I know right timing must be honored. To actually do […]

35 = self love…

Waking up to age 35 wasn’t what I expected. I woke up alone thinking way too much, took a drive and cried for an hour traveling amongst the lush vineyards in the rain feeling a bit pathetic. I thought about time running out. I thought I’m not in the place I should be by now. […]


Throwback to 2009, swimming in the Persian Gulf…one of my favorite photos of all my travels. I was traveling alone, and this was my first time in the Middle East. I knew I wanted my life to feel like this photo…at the time I had no idea where or what. I just knew the feeling…freedom, flight, […]

Ignite the sacred truth…

It was this trip to Croatia in 2012 when I considered the choice to choose love instead, and leave the life I thought I wanted. I’ve been living in Morocco with every intention of moving farther into the Middle East to live a life as far away from love as possible. I had this raging […]

Flow is imperative…

Second Art Alchemy® retreat is in the books… Thank you to the women who attended and shared their heart. I’m blessed to work with my Goddess Tribe @laurenrosecooks @therealmacrae and @swashington who created such a beautiful space of healing, laughter, memorable moments, union, and creative flow in honoring the water element. Flow is imperative…when you […]


Transmutation through abstract painting as the portal of transformation towards what is true…that is Art Alchemy. Out of the head and into the heart. It’s a feeling you haven’t felt in a long while perhaps, a memory that is brought to the surface to heal, or a vibrancy of yourself you didn’t realize you’ve forgotten […]

CA rain….

All this California rain lately has me reminiscing about when I lived in Bangkok…many times being caught in a downpour, drenched on a motorbike taxi, zigzagging through traffic and laughing with the grace of it all. The Thais honor the water and celebrate it, and I’ll be sharing their water ceremony I learned, at my […]