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ARCHANGEL is here. this painting has been a journey of layers. with its many hues of blues and golds, this painting transforms in the light. inspired by archangel michael, i wanted this painting to embody strong protective qualities and guidance to follow inner truth. the earth element, mica, which is layered into this painting, is […]


FALL 2023 Colors of the heart: pink and green. This collection embodies the last two years or so of navigating through a time which feels like uncharted waters of rising to the occasion in our lives and remaining grounded in our resonance. Watery flows on raw canvas were a new adventure, requiring a deeper surrendering […]


It’s an honor to work with clients and make their vision come to life through art. My commissions are an invitation for reconnection, healing, inspiration, intention. Whether it’s supporting a client get through breast cancer, or grieving from a lost friend, or just a reminder to love yourself more…art can be the medium for whatever […]