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“Eternal Wings Soar Your Ocean Night To Resurrect Immortal Light”


The title represents the action to “rise above it” …rise above the challenge within yourself, within your community, even globally right now. Believe in your truth, believe in the good…fight the good fight and prevail. Keep flying…keep going as the light has never left you. It is you.

This 15-foot painting was a several month project with Market Tavern restaurant in Stockton, where the painting is now home in their dining room. Below are pictures of my process.

“Market Tavern’s commitment to sourcing locally doesn’t stop at just food. Commissioning a local artist fits perfectly to our philosophy, and it turned out beautifully. We wanted something artistic for Market Tavern in a way that reflects what Erin does with paint and canvas, to what we do with food.”  – Phil Wong, owner of Market Tavern

Need an EE painting in your restaurant? Contact me for more information.