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You are divinity incarnate...

“Get out of your head and into your heart…”

EE is the founder of Art Alchemy® creating a fun space to explore your unique expression, immersed in nature, and reconnect with your true self.

Everyone is different. We all have a gift. Art Alchemy gives you the freedom to let it out.

Alchemy is described as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” Abstract painting is the medium to help you create, transform, have fun, and learn more about yourself. This isn’t your typical paint and sip art class. Erin will guide and teach abstract painting techniques to help you create your own masterpiece to take home.

Whether you want to learn more about painting, or just go for it on the canvas, Art Alchemy gives you the space to explore, to break free and go outside the lines.

Rose Painting Workshop

Learn Erin’s techniques to paint your very own rose.

During her 4-hour workshop, you’ll learn shading and blending techniques, and how to create ultimate depth through color. You paint the rose of your choice. Each rose has its own unique message and expression, just like you. This workshop is also a nourishing gift for yourself to create an intention or prayer to bring into your life through your rose painting.

I’m only offering private gatherings at this time.
Contact me for details.

Nature Immersion Workshop

EE brings the Art Alchemy® experience to mama nature.

Erin will teach you how to paint clouds and landscapes, while learning color perspectives and spending the afternoon outside with epic views. Discover your landscape style whether it’s a detailed sky, soft rolling hills or wild abstract grasses. Everyone will walk away with a unique painting. This workshop is a lovely opportunity to reconnect and ground through your unique creative expression.

I’m only offering private gatherings at this time.
Contact me for details.

Interested in having a Private Group or
Team Building Art Alchemy session?