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Past Work

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“As above, so below” is a saying I hear often which, to me, describes the intention of bringing wisdom, beauty, lessons, consciousness, truth, down here on Earth and into the cells of our being. We are connected more than we realize, and when I give myself that quiet space to connect, I can feel its […]

A Rose Within a Rose

With the roses as inspiration, this collection plays with layers of photographs intermixed with nature and feminine movement, celebrating Mother Earth. May this collection inspire to look deeper within, to peel back more layers, and expand our collective consciousness and hope.


This collection includes a collaboration with my beloved, a farmer in Yolo county who is also a gifted photographer. Through his lens and my paint brush, we invite you to take a deeper look at nature. It’s your home, after all. Through flowers, landscapes, agriculture, the sky…how does nature speak to you? Bright, bold, abstract, […]


Through movement and deep sounds of ancient drums, I painted this series as an invitation to remember our potential. Inspired by wings and their freedom…what’s holding you back from taking full flight? Through abstract wings, bold colors, birds and goddesses, these paintings support your growth and courage.


“Eternal Wings Soar Your Ocean Night To Resurrect Immortal Light” The title represents the action to “rise above it” …rise above the challenge within yourself, within your community, even globally right now. Believe in your truth, believe in the good…fight the good fight and prevail. Keep flying…keep going as the light has never left you. It […]


What if you were able to see things the mind couldn’t? My abstract work takes me on an adventure every time…to places, to ideas, to feelings that the spoken language perhaps cannot describe. I use everyday materials from the hardware store to smear, blotch and spray on the canvas. An important element to my paintings […]

ROSES For Peace

I’m blessed to be the official rose artist for a wonderful organization, International World Peace Rose Garden. I started painting roses in my hometown of Stockton, CA, collaborating with the Huber family who created University Park World Peace Rose Garden. I painted and sold all 60 of my roses, each titled from a list of words that […]