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May 2017


Just twirl…

Open heart, open land… When I moved to Kentucky in 2012 after living in some of the biggest cities on the planet, all I wanted to do was trespass on horse farms and run as wild as I could in the vast bluegrass. The countryside was incredibly refreshing and healing. Five years later, you can […]

The search is on…

I miss this space… If you’ve seen my IG stories today then you know that I’m looking for a creative space again to house my business, (and give my parents their garage back). I’ve been casually searching for awhile…but either too expensive, not enough light, not the right neighborhood etc… In Sacramento they have what’s […]

Where is your sacred?

There’s a sense of freedom I feel in wide open spaces…there’s nothing to box you in, like I can fly into Earth’s endless horizon, that the creative possibilities are endless. There’s a sense of healing too that takes place in grand landscapes. I’ve lived in some of the biggest cities on our planet, from Bangkok […]

Sacred YELLOW…

When I buy myself flowers, it’s usually yellow roses. I remember a dream vividly I had years ago… l was in the desert in the Middle East and a young girl walked up to me and gave me a yellow rose in radiant bloom. No words…just the flower. That dream has stayed with me…to remember […]


I could say I don’t have the luxury, that I can’t get a break. I could blame the world, blame myself. Or I can root myself deeper, stronger into my creative power and get to work, because sacred work is the luxury. It’s the honor of pioneering a quest towards I have no idea, and […]