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Where is your sacred?

May 16, 2017

There’s a sense of freedom I feel in wide open spaces…there’s nothing to box you in, like I can fly into Earth’s endless horizon, that the creative possibilities are endless.

There’s a sense of healing too that takes place in grand landscapes. I’ve lived in some of the biggest cities on our planet, from Bangkok to Mexico City, to Casablanca…and yes the adventure was incredible…but I also forgot what it meant to be still, to be vast in life’s gifts.

The moments I remembered were in the openness of the Sahara desert, among the wildlife of Tanzania, the endless bluegrass of Kentucky, the open land of NorCal, and the mother ocean of my home, the Pacific. These are the places I take you to feel that freedom as well.

The gift is space… The freedom is to be creatively yourself, to fill up the space with your dreams.

Where are your favorite landscapes? EE

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