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New moon solar eclipse in Leo: self-love & deep roots…

Love is the greatest force… I painted this rose in the presence of love, and for myself to be rooted in deep change for the next chapter. As we move into darkness today on this new moon solar eclipse, what is your shadow that wants to turn into light? Whatever it may be for you, […]

You are worthy…

Yellow is the color of self…a knowing of who you are and being truthful to that. It’s the color of the sun, emanating light and fire within us to be radiant beings. For me, yellow is the color of self-love, and being able to shine unconditionally for myself and accept every part of myself. Yellow […]

Eagle woman…

The girl sat patiently for the teachings of the divine eagle to remind her of the sacred cycle, that all is connected in the womb of creation. The eagle said to the girl with matching black wings…that while, yes we can forget its purpose…more importantly, we are capable of remembering. Look at the golden sun […]

Go get your mail…

I read in a book a few years ago about the idea of going for your dreams as if you’re walking to the mailbox to get your mail. One would calmly, undoubtedly walk to the mailbox, open it, and gather the mail like it was no big deal. There’s no pressure that you may be […]

You are the answer…

If anyone knows me, you know I’m not “foo foo.” Yes I wear flowers in my hair sometimes, but pair that with a bourbon and a black dress (or painted jeans), red lips and fire stubbornness…you’ll get the idea I make my own rules. I create my own category because I don’t fit into anyone […]

Divine order…

Everything happens for a reason… A gift, a lesson, I’m learning more and more… As I’m working on this painting for a beautiful heart who donated a gracious amount to an organization, I found two guardian warriors, (one dancing), a mountain peak under the night sky, a dove for friendship, and the all seeing eye […]


Thank you for all your love and support with my new work! It feels good to paint something new, and discovering new methods to tap into our inner wisdom to tell its story through art. I felt like I couldn’t paint for about six months (or more), and tried to create in a space that […]

Mother Earth

Almost done with this new beauty, a new style/vision that I’m feeling…a map of Africa hidden within, a hummingbird for an eye (and several throughout), Mount Shasta for lips, feathers for hair, pyramids as jewelry, a guardian warrior to her right, a blackbird angel to her left, all while holding the universe close to her […]

Slow and steady…huh?

“The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.” –Ram Dass What does calm feel like? Like true calm, in the midst of so much change, shifting, not knowing what’s next…the restlessness of ants in your pants to know the answer…right now? One can try to force the door down to see the […]

The Explorer

I’ve forgotten how empowering it feels to fly… It’s been over two years since I’ve been in the air to travel anywhere. I’ve been working with my head down, determined, head strong…and over the course of that time I sort of forgot WHY I do what I do. Life experiences, being out in the world, […]