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April 2017


Share the gift…

The last time I played the piano publicly was in Colombia over two years ago in a hotel lobby. A friend made me do it, and honestly I was nervous, and I didn’t want to. But I did, and it taught me quite a bit…that our talent is there waiting, it’s just ourselves that hold […]

Follow your curiosity….

How does one truly heal? Is it time? Is it community? Is it sharing? Is it gratitude and forgiveness? Is it travel? Is it changing your story? Is it positive attitude and staying present? Is it creative expression? Is it a mix of all the above and more? I keep hearing stories of growth, of […]


  I took a few days off the grid, in an empty house, no social media, no phone, no plans…just paint and create. I discovered in the process how distracted I am from what truly is asking for attention. I didn’t paint much…I rather just got reintroduced to myself with no walls, and a head […]

Supporting Police Officers through ART

What a fun morning… Art Alchemy gives space and freedom to express, to let go, to reconnect with what’s true for you…and to have some fun too. Talking with SPD Chief, Eric Jones, before this program started, he said officers feel less guarded to share what they go through, that it’s becoming less taboo to just […]

“Cop Art Alchemy” – Good Day Sacramento, part 2


“Cop Art Alchemy” – Good Day Sacramento, part 1