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Follow your curiosity….

April 20, 2017

How does one truly heal?

Is it time? Is it community? Is it sharing? Is it gratitude and forgiveness? Is it travel? Is it changing your story? Is it positive attitude and staying present? Is it creative expression? Is it a mix of all the above and more?

I keep hearing stories of growth, of struggle, of heavy shifts and change, including my own… and we’re all in the same boat, one way or another, connected more than we think. So what transmutes pain into healing? What is it for you?

I’ve been asked this question a lot recently…people wanting my help to get stuff out through art. Which then I ask myself: “What’s the next level of healing?”

Ironically the word “pain” is in the word “paint” as I’d like to think, “paint the pain out.”

Art Alchemy┬« is this process that will only grow deeper as I learn and create more opportunities along the way…for myself to be brave enough to feel it, learn it, know it, then teach it.

I thought I found the cure…but no, not at all…I really just scratched the surface. I know there’s infinitely more to this, and I’m curious.

How can ART heal the HEART?

There are several artistic offerings of healing from women I know…such as dance @kaciflorez, writing @betsyblankenbaker, music/sound @lunadeazul, aroma @livebasically, and even yoga as an art form of healing. The possibilities are endless…

“Follow your curiosity” I was told…and that “the spiral keeps going and going.” There’s no end point, just another layer deeper, closer to our divine truth, perhaps.

Whatever it may be…keep going. xo

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