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April 16, 2017


I took a few days off the grid, in an empty house, no social media, no phone, no plans…just paint and create. I discovered in the process how distracted I am from what truly is asking for attention.

I didn’t paint much…I rather just got reintroduced to myself with no walls, and a head full of thinking nonstop.

The piano and singing whatever comes is another way for me to get grounded, and just let it out, in its own code like an abstract painting. For the stuff that needs to be released and I can’t say into words…I do this.

I feel the deeper we go creatively, the more we experience…and the brighter the light at the end. We just gotta keep going. Appropriate for today…the light has risen.

I wish you all a blessed holiday with hope, love, grace. xo



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