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Go get your mail…

July 22, 2017

I read in a book a few years ago about the idea of going for your dreams as if you’re walking to the mailbox to get your mail. One would calmly, undoubtedly walk to the mailbox, open it, and gather the mail like it was no big deal. There’s no pressure that you may be doing it wrong. There’s no fear that you would fail to get the mail…you just simply got the mail. It’s a no brainer, no question about it.

So why do we create so much “unattainable” energy for our dreams that’s just in our head anyway? Imagine using that energy to gather your mail…how far would you get to the mailbox before thinking it wasn’t possible? Maybe quickly, maybe not.

What if we went for our dreams as if we’re going to simply gather the mail? How would that change things?

Go get your mail…


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