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You are the answer…

July 16, 2017

If anyone knows me, you know I’m not “foo foo.” Yes I wear flowers in my hair sometimes, but pair that with a bourbon and a black dress (or painted jeans), red lips and fire stubbornness…you’ll get the idea I make my own rules. I create my own category because I don’t fit into anyone else’s.

As a younger woman I didn’t understand the power of feminine, and felt more connected to the masculine side of living life. But since starting the business of EE and making art for a living…the magic of intuition and the cycle of the feminine in connection with life’s cycle was profound. To create abstractly, you must tap into this deeper cycle of yourself to connect with the cycle of the universe…as a medium to the wisdom library we all carry in our heart, our gut, our spirit. That is when art becomes alive.

Art Alchemy┬« was invented by accident to help a dear friend grieve, and now two years later serving this gift, I’ve witnessed women (and men!) start their own creative journeys, that they too can break away from their own barriers and show the world their gift. From moon ceremonies, to new artists starting their business, to the simple idea that yes, it’s possible…it inspires me to go deeper.

Truth is…feminine isn’t foo foo at all…it’s the real deal womb of creation…to the raw, the wild, the pure, the ancient lessons from our ancestors from the beginning of time that have been lost, forgotten…that are waking up in the modern woman…do you feel it?

You are the answer…it lives within you.


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