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“Peace is coming…”

May 5, 2016

“Peace is coming…” This has been a tagline for close to a year now, while painting over 35 roses to help support the University Park World Peace Rose Garden, debuting May 26 in downtown Stockton. Each rose painting gives its own message, personality that surprises me every time…and it’s been pure joy witnessing the excitement when my clients take their rose home. What’s with flowers?? We love them…yes. And magically with roses, there’s something deeper with this flower than others. Right? Did you know that roses have the highest level of electrical energy out of any flower? According to science, rose essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320 megahertz of electrical energy. One of the next highest frequency flowers is lavender at 118 megahertz. Everything is energy…plain and simple. The rose, having the highest life force in flowers, makes it a powerful symbol of the divine, of love.

Perhaps that’s why shortly after painting the first couple of roses, I received requests to paint a rose for those going through a tough time. Aren’t we all at some point…we’re never alone in that. From someone’s sister who is battling cancer, to a new widower grieving his beloved, to a woman who miscarried…I learned art can help heal, and these roses even more so. That’s the power of the rose… I’ve learned to surrender more to the sacred geometry that we are made of…that life is a miracle, and we are sacred. With its curves, soft petals, and striking spirals that take you deeper…it’s no mistake that the rose can heal.

It was a powerful moment in my career when asked to paint a rose for a family whose son tragically was found dead with no leads to an arrest. When told his favorite color was blue/turquoise, I painted a white rose with hues of blue intermixed. I painted this rose outside, and the sunlight kept streaming through the trees more than usual, and I got chills a few times, strangely being very warm that day. His presence was there, as if the art was a medium, a message from him. I was just the instrument in allowing this rose to deliver the message.

The garden’s message, “peace through non violence,” continually resonates much to my heart and this community. Imagine stepping into the University Park World Peace Rose Garden surrounded by the roses’ life force frequency rippling across our community. It’s possible. Believe in its divinity, its love…you are loved.

Peace is coming…

Erin xo

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