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May 2016


The big V word…surrender in progress

Would it surprise you if I told you I’m an introvert? Yup. I’m an introvert to the core really. Ask me to travel alone, no problem. Dare me to jump out of a plane, ok. I’ll even network and charm you. Yet ask me to share my heart in public, no script, raw, and my […]

Horizon Infinity…an unconditional practice

How do you paint an emotion you can’t really explain? The feeling of breaking free, to be vulnerable and open, a burst of light from that dark place, to remember that life has got your back…a state of knowing that you know nothing but you know everything at the same time. Beyond the madness, there’s […]

“Peace is coming…”

“Peace is coming…” This has been a tagline for close to a year now, while painting over 35 roses to help support the University Park World Peace Rose Garden, debuting May 26 in downtown Stockton. Each rose painting gives its own message, personality that surprises me every time…and it’s been pure joy witnessing the excitement […]