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January 2017


Art has a voice

I continue to learn how to articulate my creative process publicly. I used to be afraid to share my thoughts, my reasoning of my work…thinking, “I have no idea where I came up with that, or how do I put this language of painting into the spoken language?” But the more I share my experience, […]

New beginnings…

Change is inevitable…it can hurt or not, be difficult or inspiring, either way change or “new beginning” gives us courage and the push to get us closer to where we need to go on this soul journey. Today marks a new moon in Aquarius which says, “dramatic change, new beginnings, and don’t lose faith.” I […]

I paint with the ocean…

“I paint with the ocean because of the love it carries…the dreams, the wonder, the sorrows, the journeys…the ache to fall into it, to feel it again…the depth to throw your heart to the very bottom because you know she can take it, heal it…her holy water a sense of consciousness that comes alive in […]

“Darkness has no power…it is assumed power.”

Today just marks more fire to the flame…a life changing opportunity to see, to feel, to know what is truth, what is real, and what is not. To my sisters and brothers…the soul lux warriors in all of us, may this day be remembered as “darkness has no power. It is assumed power.” Sending love […]

Trust and surrender…

During a meeting last night with a fellow woman entrepreneur/lady boss, we shared stories of those moments of fear when opportunity knocks on the door…the chance to rise above, get to the next level…and there’s a small part of you that may think you’re not capable or worthy…and that tiny voice inside can seem so […]

First retreat in the books!

The first Art Alchemy retreat is in the books…what a feeling. Yes, smiling this big you can say, like a “holy s*%t” kind of smile, elation from my heart that I survived that leap of putting myself out there just a little more, and it worked…and ready to leap again like that kid who jumps […]

Art Alchemy for our COPS

When space is honored for connection and understanding, the deepest healing may take place… What an incredible night leading Art Alchemy with @stocktonpolicedepartment. From laughter to tears, from sharing stories, to not knowing what to expect when you get cops together to paint…the night was a knock on the door to let it out, let […]

2017 with LOVE…

Happy New Year, and welcome 2017…another chance, a fresh start, and a new website domain: ERINELIZABETH.LOVE I changed to a .love from my .com for several reasons…one being I’m an artist and it’s sorta my job to create from the depth of my heart. Another reason, this world could use more of it, including myself…how […]