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Trust and surrender…

January 19, 2017

During a meeting last night with a fellow woman entrepreneur/lady boss, we shared stories of those moments of fear when opportunity knocks on the door…the chance to rise above, get to the next level…and there’s a small part of you that may think you’re not capable or worthy…and that tiny voice inside can seem so loud at times, no?

I’ve been guilty of those moments here and there…I’m stubborn to my own bullshit. But what motivates me are those chances when my heart is racing, my mind racing faster, and to challenge the big “V” word once again: Vulnerability.

One of my goals this year is to do more things that scare me, (in the good kind of way)…to be more open in work, life, love…to say yes more when I know in my gut it’s to help me grow. I can practice bravery much more in several aspects of my life…it’s a matter of making that choice. When opportunity knocks…go with it. Trust and surrender.

What motivates you in moments of vulnerability?


EE xo

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