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Art has a voice

January 29, 2017

I continue to learn how to articulate my creative process publicly. I used to be afraid to share my thoughts, my reasoning of my work…thinking, “I have no idea where I came up with that, or how do I put this language of painting into the spoken language?” But the more I share my experience, the more meaningful the painting becomes in my experience.

I painted mini roses this week for community leaders on behalf of University Park World Peace Rose Garden, being presented in this photo…and yes, I’d say let the art do the talking, but also…to be able to articulate your message, your heart in what the process taught you, just gives your work more life, no? I’m still learning how to do all that…in the meantime I talk with my hands a lot, and having the beautiful Sandy Huber by my side modeling my work helps too…

Bottom line: Art has a voice.

I’m loving all the creative projects that artists are doing lately in Stockton. Let’s keep it going…

EE xo

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