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New beginnings…

January 27, 2017

Change is inevitable…it can hurt or not, be difficult or inspiring, either way change or “new beginning” gives us courage and the push to get us closer to where we need to go on this soul journey.

Today marks a new moon in Aquarius which says, “dramatic change, new beginnings, and don’t lose faith.” I spoke today at the elementary school I attended as a kid, answering questions from eager 4th graders about what I do as an artist. They sure loved my painted jeans and phone case, but the biggest advice I could give from their questions, if I were in their shoes:

1. Get your education even if you don’t end up doing that profession (I have a degree in Journalism)…it’s opened more doors for me than I realized or appreciated.

2. What you love to do now as a kid, will probably end up being your passion in one way or another, so keep playing and remember that feeling.

Finally: Follow your heart, stay true to your heart, however different you think it is or against the grain. I say the more different the better…be the rebel, the warrior, your own artist. And keep the faith in yourself to do just that. It will never be too late.

Lots of love to you all on this new moon, Chinese New Year, and new beginnings all around.


EE xo

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