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First retreat in the books!

January 10, 2017

The first Art Alchemy retreat is in the books…what a feeling. Yes, smiling this big you can say, like a “holy s*%t” kind of smile, elation from my heart that I survived that leap of putting myself out there just a little more, and it worked…and ready to leap again like that kid who jumps off the diving board for the first time and jumps over and over like 20 more times…yeah that’s me.

Behind that smile was months of preparation collaborating with my teammate, chef warrior goddess @laurenrosecooks, planning for any logistic possible…to then being tested with last minute change of villa, weather (flooding), fire alarm at 3:30am from that damn fireplace, things breaking left and right…yet in the end all that didn’t matter. Those little adventures made for a fun weekend filled with laughter and heart (and wine).

For me, it was the beginning of owning leadership and learning what that means…to hold space for others in something that can be vulnerable. You see your students at their best…proud and accomplished…and other moments, you see sadness and frustration…and trusting that all those emotions is what really creates the magic, no?

I recently watched a video from Benjamin Sears at @luxyoga about holding space…and that afterwards one must hold more space for ourselves. This is something I’m working on. Better self-care, taking risks, and EMBRACE and ENJOY this journey. Those two words came from my students this weekend as I shared my intentions this year. Embrace it all with a brave heart, and Enjoy the love that is in front of me…hence EE. 🙂

Stay turned for the next Art Alchemy retreat…coming soon.


EE xo

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