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Art Alchemy for our COPS

January 4, 2017

When space is honored for connection and understanding, the deepest healing may take place…

What an incredible night leading Art Alchemy with @stocktonpolicedepartment. From laughter to tears, from sharing stories, to not knowing what to expect when you get cops together to paint…the night was a knock on the door to let it out, let loose a bit, let it go, and feel ok to express it.

Personally I don’t know what police officers go through day in and day out, and in the last 24 hours I’ve been given the opportunity to bridge the gap and gain understanding. I was invited to “Procedural Justice” training today, where officers and civilians were given the space to learn from each other, and in the process gain trust, or at least know that trust is possible. Eye-opening to say the least, and needed.

Thank you SPD for letting me into your world and for the opportunity. Thank you @markettavernstk for hosting and for your always epic hospitality, including home-aged bourbon from @absolei. Thank you @lincolncentershops for stopping by to say thank you to our cops. Thank you @threelittlebirdscakes for your personalized cop cookies. Thank you @tuleburgco for helping facilitate this opportunity. Thank you Kathryn Nance and Chief Jones for recruiting this class, and for donating towards the next one! And a huge thank you to @leejneves for sponsoring this class and for your heart felt speech. You generosity is deeply appreciated.

As I write this I am reminded by the power of union when we take that risk to be vulnerable, to listen, to give space for each other, and to have some fun too. Art is a portal to do just that.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a cop or an entire class, message me. Further details will be posted on my website very soon.

Thank you SPD for putting your lives on the line for us everyday. Can’t wait for the next class.


EE xo

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