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2017 with LOVE…

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, and welcome 2017…another chance, a fresh start, and a new website domain: ERINELIZABETH.LOVE
I changed to a .love from my .com for several reasons…one being I’m an artist and it’s sorta my job to create from the depth of my heart.

Another reason, this world could use more of it, including myself…how I treat myself and others, to understand we are connected by it collectively whether we feel it or not, to be more open to what love means, to stand up for it in places near and far…to stop ignoring it essentially.

I’m not talking about the hippy dippy rainbow unicorn version of love…I’m talking about the LOVE that equals TRUTH.

And lastly, another reason, I’m a business woman too who supports other lady bosses, and sold my .com to another EE in Australia, an amazing infant photographer…a win/win transaction for both of us.

I send you LOVE on this new day, and excited to continue the journey with you all. Go love go 🙂 xo

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