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COP ART ALCHEMY: one year later…

December 17, 2016

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that my favorite color to paint with is blue…

One year ago today I taught my first Art Alchemy class in @lincolncentershops, having no idea it would turn into an experience for our community to reconnect. Who knew art could be the glue to get us back to ourselves and each other…while having fun too.

Now, after many classes, teaching all walks of life, I am honored that in just a few weeks I’ll be teaching a class for @stocktonpolicedepartment. I have the utmost respect for our officers as I can’t even imagine what they go through day in and day out to keep our community safe. These days with cops being under immense pressure on a national level, I’m happy to give back, to give them space to let it out with paint…and to say thank you.

A huge shout out to @leejneves for sponsoring this first class. Your dedication to SPD and our community is deeply appreciated. Thank you @markettavernstk for hosting this special class, for supporting our cops, and for giving Art Alchemy a home.

If you are interested in sponsoring future classes for SPD, please message me. More soon 🙂

EE xo

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