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Goddess Party…what?

December 2, 2016

Five years ago today I arrived in Casablanca, Morocco on a mission to save women and teach men a lesson. Little did I know my six-month journey there would end up teaching me the lesson to save myself, and that I needed to let the past go…(and forgive myself too). My heart hurt, and I was trying to deal with it…and saving every woman and fighting men on the streets was my way of handling it at the time. The things we do to cover up pain…yeah this was my way. I was stubborn and ignorant to my own intuition. Morocco taught me “community” number one, and the importance of friendship. I cherish my friendships made in Morocco and so look forward to visiting again soon…(hint, hint.)

When I flew back home to California, a friend invited me to her house for a “Goddess Party,” and I was confused. Wearing all white, women only, art/vision board, setting intentions, sharing…yeah I wasn’t into it. I’d rather smoke a Marlboro red and wear black…and where’s the Johnnie Walker? I don’t like foo-foo BS. I wanted out.

However, shortly after arriving and seeing the power of women supporting each other…it was magic, and damn good medicine. I wasn’t alone…and that was big for me. Fast-forward a year later in Louisville, KY, I hosted my own Goddess Party that I designed, with 20 women, and the same magic took place. The power of WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN is when the IMPOSSIBLE BECOMES POSSIBLE. It’s the act of community, owning up to authentic power and trusting it. That is the alchemy/transformation of growth, healing…and having a great time too.

It’s been three years since that evening in Louisville…and it’s time to start again. I’ve partnered with chef/wine master Lauren O’Leary hosting our first “Art Alchemy Retreat + Goddess Dinner & Ceremony” in January surrounded in wine country. I’ve been asked, “Erin, I’m confused…what is this you’re doing?” I respond with, “just get your ticket and you’ll see.”

The Art Alchemy Retreat sold out in a day… (thank you!) And yes, we’ll be doing more…

So what is a Goddess Party/Ceremony etc…?? It’s the platform to be supported and empowered. TEN TICKETS for “dinner/ceremony only” are available…order here.

See you in Healdsburg…much love xo

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