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Ignite the sacred truth…

March 15, 2017

It was this trip to Croatia in 2012 when I considered the choice to choose love instead, and leave the life I thought I wanted.

I’ve been living in Morocco with every intention of moving farther into the Middle East to live a life as far away from love as possible. I had this raging fire inside that wanted to make a difference, to prove I was no victim, rather a fighter instead. That path showed itself quickly, yet I knew deep down there was another way to express what my soul wanted.

Morocco taught me to love myself instead, and I left for the bluegrass pastures of Kentucky. Two years later I had to love myself again and leave that life behind as well.

The lesson? Life was teaching me to love myself and stop hiding from my own fire. Fire meaning gift…

Someone asked me the other day, “do you ask yourself how can you be better?” I didn’t know how to respond…and after thinking about it I’d reply, “I’d ask myself, how can I love myself more?”

This is the intention of my Art Alchemy® class “FIRE GODDESS” June 20 in Sacramento. Let the fire, the gift out. Love yourself enough to ignite the truth…it can surprise you in the most beautiful way.

See you in Sac. xo

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