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Time is a funny thing…

March 28, 2017

Time is a funny thing. We may feel like there’s not enough, too much…or wish we could go back or jump ahead to what we desire so much in our hearts. As much as I want to dive in on all aspects of my life, I know right timing must be honored. To actually do it is another story.

Art helps me slow down. Art helps me feel more and reconnect. Art helps me help myself so I can help my students and inspire others. Art helps me forgive as well. Painting is sort of a timeless practice I appreciate.

Like this blackbird that decided to show up two months into painting this abstract…I had very little idea what would emerge, just the feeling I wanted to express. I needed to give the process time to show its truth. And eventually it did, now home at Market Tavern.

Art Alchemy® is another example. It’s been alive for 15 months (a baby!) …and when reaching out to different markets, the response is usually, “sounds amazing, but who the f%*# are you?” I smile.  

All in right timing…and up for the challenge to break new barriers of my brand. Any lady bosses going through similar? I’ve been blessed with the support of my hometown (thank you Stockton!!) ….you’ve given me the best head start.

The lesson? Just keep being you.

I haven’t painted that much lately. 

It’s time. xo

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