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35 = self love…

March 25, 2017

Waking up to age 35 wasn’t what I expected. I woke up alone thinking way too much, took a drive and cried for an hour traveling amongst the lush vineyards in the rain feeling a bit pathetic.

I thought about time running out. I thought I’m not in the place I should be by now. I thought I don’t want to miss out and that I may be missing out. I felt defeated, like I missed the race.

And yet when I came back home, my assistants Blackie and Boo (the cats) climbed on my lap. I discovered the orchid in my bedroom that’s been dormant for months, decided my birthday was the day to be in full bloom. I received numerous messages from friends and family all over the world…and someone special to my heart made me dinner from his heart.

Miracles happen every day…and my birth was one of them, as was yours. The message today is of hope and grace…and most importantly, to trust this journey has got our back.

I’m dedicating 35 to self love, and to enjoy the ride already…another trip around the sun is no joke!

No fancy party, no glamorous photo…just working as I will continue to do. Yellow roses and a beer are a nice touch though. 

I share this with you that perhaps if you’re having a rough day, week, year, whatever…it will be ok. Perspective is everything and your love knocked me back in place, so thank you. I am damn grateful.

Cheers to 35 and fabulous. xo 

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