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March 4, 2017

Transmutation through abstract painting as the portal of transformation towards what is true…that is Art Alchemy. Out of the head and into the heart.

It’s a feeling you haven’t felt in a long while perhaps, a memory that is brought to the surface to heal, or a vibrancy of yourself you didn’t realize you’ve forgotten from the everyday. It’s the quest to go outside the lines and discover a deeper, more adventurous sense of self…some light hearted full of joy, while others a¬†platform for a voice that’s been waiting to speak, to heal, to forgive, to no longer be forgotten. Art gives us the voice that’s been waiting.

I had the privilege to teach 14 goddesses tonight whom each had a very different story to paint, as do we all. Grief, loss, survival, love, laughter, strength, courage, family, friendship would describe this evening.

Thank you for sharing. It’s the best part of what I do…witnessing your art give you the voice. Until next time, I send you love and grace… “Namascray…”


EE xo

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