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CA rain….

February 9, 2017

All this California rain lately has me reminiscing about when I lived in Bangkok…many times being caught in a downpour, drenched on a motorbike taxi, zigzagging through traffic and laughing with the grace of it all. The Thais honor the water and celebrate it, and I’ll be sharing their water ceremony I learned, at my Art Alchemy retreat in Capitola. 

The last time I was in BKK was 2011 and wrote the below…still prevalent today and wanted to share with you…much love xo

“It was with time, patience, and, perseverance in this city did I learn to let go, to then hold on again, and to then let go again…and live. Like the water in the clouds, it must release at some point, whether it be a kind sprinkle or a violent downpour.

Everything comes full circle.

In the hearts of the Thai people and Bangkok herself…she taught me it takes courage to wash away the layers of what’s comfortable and to be naked to the world. It takes courage to walk right into it when everyone else is walking away from it.

Therefore, it takes courage to live your life, your path in the storm. I say let the rain shower you, break you, heal you.

The Thais say the rain is good luck…that it gives power to your dreams.

So…dare to dream and dance (or paint) in the rain.” -EE

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