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Sacred water…

December 27, 2016

Water has been the element of my refuge. The movement of it, the sensation of flying when surrounded by it, the strength of it… From swimming in my own sweat in hot yoga, to hiking to secret waterfalls in Colombia, to bath houses in Morocco to cleanse the spirit…water brings life.

When I came back to California with a broken heart to start over, and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time again, I sorta wanted to pour my whole heart into her depth and ask to be healed. The ocean has been that place for me, to dive into, to bring me back to what is true when I get lost. Its water is sacred to me, so painting with it made sense. Throw a gallon of salt water onto canvas and see what happens.

But what about other water on this planet? The Nile? The Ganges? Lake Tahoe? The Roman Baths of England? The Amazon? The magical water ways of Venice? I want to feel it, to taste it, to paint with it.

Art and water are one in the same as it creates a healing power unique for each of us. I read recently, “water only what waters you.” A lesson I’m still learning to be vulnerable to.

Where is water most sacred for you? I send you love and healing from the Pacific…

EE xo

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