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When the rainbows and butterflies leave the building…

August 11, 2016

This is the photo I wanted to post a few days ago, because this was the truth of how my day was going…but I posted the more “nice” looking photo to be appealing. Well screw that…I’m over it. My dear friend and yoga colleague, Anna Lagomarsino, always reminds her students that, “it can’t be rainbows and butterflies all the time.” Thanks Anna…and yes, I feel like the whole world is seeing the other side, do you? The shadows have risen for us to see, to feel, and to question, “is this really who we want to become?” It’s in our face…right there for us to choose. Oh the temptations, overthinking, and the distractions! Someone told me once that life is a test, and I didn’t quite like that approach. But I sure feel it these days…the choice to not rise up, to stay blinded and distracted…or the choice to move on, move forward and rise to the occasion. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, to live in truth…right now.

With this in mind, I’ve sort of been in rebellion mode, because I’m stubborn. And art is my refuge. Therefore, I took a trip to Home Depot, walked the hallways, and was asked several times if I can be helped. “No I’m just looking for stuff to paint with,” I responded. I adore the folks at Home Depot. I confuse them mostly and they always try to help. “What are you trying to paint?” they ask. “I don’t know yet…I’m an artist, just exploring,” is my go-to response. I grab different bottles of this and that, head to a friend’s house, and break all rules possible with what not to do with art via textbook. Then again…art is all about breaking the rules, and I am not textbook. And before I knew it, a new EE technique was born.

Some key points when the rainbows and butterflies exit:

-It’s ok. Just having the courage to be aware is huge.

-There’s a lesson that needs to be learned. This is when I tend to learn the most.

-The light can be seen brighter. The fire inside grows a bit faster.

-Are you breathing? Yoga 101…and I still forget.

-Do some yoga while you’re at it. Just get your body moving.

-Create! Do something creative. (my Art Alchemy classes are coming back soon!)

-Remember your community needs you. Your influence is more important than you may think. Yes, you make a difference.

-Stop overthinking already. Just stop.

-Take action. Sitting there won’t do shit. (unless you’re meditating)

-Reach out. We’re all in this together. (thanks Prince)

-And the biggest: You’re onto something greater than you can imagine. You’re just around the corner from it. So keep going, ’cause the rainbows and butterflies will come back even more beautiful.

I’ll leave you with this song I’ve been listening to lately…kind of a “screw it” kind of song. 🙂

Much love,

Erin xo

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